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What's Happening at Employment Connection

We’ve been busy at Employment Connection! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for all of the latest info on our programs and events. And if you're not already receiving our monthly newsletter in your inbox, click here to sign up.

Here's just some of what Employment Connection has been up to in 2022.

Employment Connection Client Spotlight

Employment Connection operates the Cure Violence program in both the Wells-Goodfellow/Hamilton Heights and Dutchtown neighborhoods in St. Louis City. In December of 2021, during their regular neighborhood canvassing, the Cure Violence team at Wells-Goodfellow/Hamilton Heights found “Miss P” sheltered in an abandoned house, where she had been living with her two kids.

Cure Violence Interrupter LaRhonda Brown immediately took Miss P aside, offering to help her access support services through Employment Connection. The agency put Miss P and her children up in a local hotel, while Miss P enrolled in Employment Connection’s World of Work class, which teaches resume writing, interview techniques, workplace demeanor, time management, financial management, and other career soft skills. Employment Connection then assigned Miss P to a Career Specialist, Rod Colvin, to help her through the job search process. At the same time, Rod Colvin consulted with Housing Manager Andrea Lewis, examining her case to determine her housing options.

Last week, Miss P got the keys to her own two-bedroom condo in North County! Employment Connection provided Miss P with $300 in material assistance, with Manager of Career Services Karla Humphrey purchasing an air mattress, dishes, sheets, comforters, and pillows, along with food items for Miss P and her family, while Home Sweet Home provided her with new furniture. The team also provided transportation assistance, with Cure Violence team member Reginald Beasley driving Miss P to and from her job interview.

Miss P now supports herself and her two kids on the strength of a janitorial job she obtained, making $18.32/hour. Thanks to the synergy between Employment Connection’s Cure Violence, Competitive Employment Program, and Housing teams, Miss P and her family now have their own home, the income to support themselves, and a network at Team EC that’s eager to continue celebrating their success!

Solar Panel Installation Paid Training Program

The first two cohorts of our 2021–2022 Solar Panel Installation Training program have wrapped up, with one more group getting started and another to get underway soon! Residents of St. Louis City are being given the unique opportunity to receive PAID training in solar panel installation and receive $500 upon completion of the program. Participants will gain essential experience, skills, and qualifications that will open the door to new job opportunities!

Dr. Echols Visits the Cure Violence Team

Employment Connection owes a special thanks to Dr. Frederick Echols, Commissioner of the City of St. Louis Department of Health! Dr. Echols stopped by to bring dinner to the Cure Violence Team in Wells-Goodfellow/Hamilton Heights to show the City’s appreciation for the team’s hard work.

Leadership Team Planning Session

Employment Connection’s Leadership Team recently came together for a training and planning session at The Filament in Downtown St. Louis. Employment Connection has added 3 new satellite office locations and several new programs over the past 18 months, and so the session was dedicated to evaluating the agency’s overall programs, improving staff efficiency, streamlining client access to our programs, and planning for even more agency program expansion and growth!

Celebrating Black History Month

This February, Employment Connection is celebrating Black History Month by recognizing Black leaders from the St. Louis region. Some of our recent profiles:

  • Dr. Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, City of St. Louis Department of Health

  • Dr. Jason Purnell, BJC HealthCare

  • David Noble, Midland States Bank

  • Annissa McCaskill, Dutchtown South Community Corporation

  • Yaphett El-Amin, MOKAN and Efficacy Consulting

We’ll have more profiles coming throughout February. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or find them all on our website.


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