Managed Work Services

of St. Louis -

Staffing Service

Be sure to check out the Managed Work Services of St. Louis page for information about Employment Connection's cost-effective staffing program. This social enterprise assists individuals to acquire employment that will contribute measurably to achieving personal self-sufficiency and enables area businesses to be more efficient with diversity, recruitment and employee retention.

Employment Referrals for Permanent Positions

Our agency offers employers traditional, no-fee search and pre-screening services.

Job Placement Services Include:

  • Evaluation of Aptitude 

  • Evaluation of Work History 

  • Job Training

  • Case Management for Job Retention

To access this valuable resource for your company, please give us a call at (314) 333-5627 or send us your info below.


Employment Connection often contracts with State, Federal, and local entities to provide full or partial compensation for employees hired from our agency.


Please contact us to inquire about current opportunities we may have available at (314) 333-5627.

Employment Connection works with the following satisfied employers: