Collaborate with us as an Employer, Nonprofit Organization, Government Agency, Independent Contractor, or Charitable Foundation.

Rent Space at our Office

Access to phone banks, computers, reference material, fax, copier, secure parking - everything needed for just about any business purpose.  Perfect for independent contractors, nonprofits and businesses with capacity needs, etc. CALL David Kessel at 314-333-5633

Job Placement Services

Join our network of 400 employers who want to make a difference in St. Louis.  Screenings, background checks, on-site supervision, and case management are provided to ensure success for those who are hired.

Cooperative Funding

Join us in the mission to inspire, empower, and employ St. Louis residents - either as a funder or a partnering organization. 
Call Stephanie Weinhaus at 314-333-5645

Work Readiness Training

Utilize our DESE Certified and nationally cited WOW (World of Work) training model.  Approximately 60% of those who complete this program successfully reenter the workforce within 90 days.  We can compliment other social service programs through flexible collaborations that best serve those who need assistance. 

Nonprofit Partnerships

Employment Connection often collaborates with other government and social service agencies on grants, contracts, and proposals.  Our partners have included:

  • Provident
  • Father's Support Center
  • Women's Safe House
  • Hope House
  • City of St. Louis
  • Center for Women in Transition
  • Family Resource Center
  • MERS/Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Saint Vincent DePaul Criminal Justice Ministry
  • St. Patrick Center
  • Grace Hill
  • Bridgeway/ Preferred Family Health

To explore a collaborative funding effort, please contact

Employment Connection is Currently Funded in Part By:

St. Louis Mental Health Board



Employment Connection's Competitive Employment Program is financed in part through an allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City of St. Louis' Community Development Administration.

92% of Employment Connection dollars are spent on client programming