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The Neighborhood assistance Program 

Direct how your tax dollars are used

The Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) allows Missouri taxpayers to direct how their taxes are used by donating to state approved charitable organizations like Employment Connection. Employment Connection has been approved to provide $250,000 in state tax credits to our supporters!

Eligible donors will receive a state tax credit equaling 50% of their gift to Employment Connection, which may be applied to state tax liability for up to five years! Combined with a federal and state charitable income tax deduction, this credit lowers the actual cost of your gift significantly.

*The table below is for illustrative purposes only; this does not constitute tax advice. Your financial professional will be able to tell you the exact amount most beneficial for your tax liability.

Who Qualifies?

Any person, firm, or corporation with business income in the State of Missouri

More Questions?

Contact Ravi Rao

Who is eligible?


Any person, firm, or corporation with business income in the State of Missouri can take full advantage of NAP Tax Credits, including: Missouri business owners, owners and operators of a Missouri farm, and those that receive income from royalties or rental property in Missouri. Additionally, corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, individuals that operate a sole proprietorship, small business corporations (S-corps) and their partners, and limited liability companies (LLC’s) and their members are eligible.

How to Claim Your NAP Tax Credits Today!
  1. Make your gift of $1,000+ to Employment Connection. Be sure to indicate your desire to apply for NAP tax credits on your donation (check or online form memo line). We will send you the NAP Tax Credit Application form and instructions along with your acknowledgment letter.

  2. Compete and return the notarized NAP Tax Credit Application form with proper documentation (bank statement, check image, etc.) to: Employment Connection, ATTN: NAP Credits, 2838 Market St, Saint Louis, MO 63103

  3. After receiving your completed form, Employment Connection will mail both your application and proof of donation to the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

  4. You will receive a certification letter directly from the State of Missouri indicating approval within 3-4 weeks, including directions on how to redeem your tax credits.

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