How Can SkillUP Help?

SkillUP is a program for Food Stamp recipients to gain skills, training, or work experience. SkillUP is FREE through our partners and can help prepare you for a job that can raise your income. 

  • SkillUP coaches know employers who are ready to hire you

  • SkillUP can pay for the training you can't afford. Classes are offered that work around your schedule and can be finished in as little as a few weeks.

  • SkillUP coaches can help with your resume and interviewing skills

  • SkillUP can help pay for transportation to work

  • SkillUP can help pay for the uniform or other items you need to start employment

Who Qualifies?

SNAP / Food Stamps Recipients

Have 1 or More Dependents

More Questions?

Contact Shantel Towns